This article is written to empower the reader to understand the 10 worlds and how to start existing in higher worlds.

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In Buddhism, there is a vital concept of the ten worlds. It is believed, that the door to each of these ten worlds is always in front of us and that we have the choice to walk through one of these at any given moment. However, many of us without realizing keep walking into the lower worlds, ignoring the higher worlds.

The reason for us moving between different worlds is often based on our emotions, reactions, awareness, consciousness, and external circumstances. Also with practice, willingness and knowledge, one can hone their mind to stay in higher and higher worlds more and more. …

A short poem about — how technology is slowly eroding the beauty from human interactions.

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Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

And just like that,

you lost me and I lost you,

bit by bit, day by day.

It was quiet subtle, no visible struggle.

You said, ‘its alright, do your thing’

before I spoke, there was another ping.

Digging our necks, deep into our phones,

we missed listening to all the whine.

The twitch in your eyes, the flinch in mine.

I forgot to ask, you forgot to tell

and then there was no time.

And then we got lost in this physical world,

and then we got lost in this digital…

Some unreasonable reasons — a short poem

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“A walk to the beach from another time”

I know it’s time to travel again —

Strolling my suitcase through the narrow lanes,

I am rooting for the scorching Sun

and my soul for an alchemy unknown.

I know it is time to travel again —

My lungs are craving new air

and my hands need to touch the new old sand.

Each time I walk back home,

my eyes are lost in the known terrain.

The strangers on the pavement are waiting for the small talk

and the candle shop has way too much stock,

no sugar in the water, is it bland? …

Why you should include humming in your daily life

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Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

Humming is an extremely simple, hugely ignored, very underrated yet quiet effective and easy to practise way to stay in a better mood and health. When I read a few articles about the benefits of humming, I was pleasantly surprised with it’s potential. I choose to write about it — because I know there are very low chances of people writing about ‘humming’ and what is written less is read less.

In the most basic context — humming means — to make a humming bee sound or sing a song without opening your mouth. I am a yoga practitioner and have done humming as a part of some breath work exercises without ever knowing the real benefits of this simple activity. …

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Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

Beyond the daughter, the girlfriend and the wife

A perspective on many perspectives surrounding women

Another year, another women’s day, another round of applause for all the visible and invisible women. Some shopping discounts, some special events, some social initiatives, and many more Instagram hashtags. While I love the idea of celebrating being a woman — this time I wanted to dig a little deeper and wider into the ground where I and all the participants of happy women’s day stand — as girls, as women, as Indians, and as a society.

  1. All women are not equal

The era of generalization is over — the disparities are huge, the characters are different and the environments are different. All women don’t get an education, all women don’t have supportive families and all women don’t have the right to ask for what they want. At the same time, all women are not tortured, all women are not treated badly, all women don’t feel ‘not empowered’. India is as varied as it can get even when basics are involved. The differences and subtleties far exceed the stereotype descriptions and the realities are many. …


Kanu Priya

Human, marketer, dancer, dreamer, budding writer. Evoking positive emotions & writing about human interactions, inner transformation & creating a better world.

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